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Brian A. DemskiA veteran film artist of over 20 years, Brian Demski offers a variety of opportunities to express a particular vision. He has worked on films such as “Tomorrow You’re Gone”, “Battle LA” and “The Avengers”. He also has worked with Oscar Award Winning Makeup Effects Artist Joel Harlow, K.N.B. Effects Group, and Special Effects legends Wayne Toth and Tim "Gore" Larsen.

Demski Creations, located in Central Ohio, is a fully functional studio fabricating exclusive props and Hollywood creature special effects. Stunt weapons, full scale puppetry and custom fabricated costumes are produced with detailed attention. Anything you can imagine (and some you can’t) we can bring to you!!

Trade shows have allowed Demski Creations to showcase their unique and twisted originals. They have fascinated crowds with disturbing creatures of skeletal,taxidermy beginnings and costumes.

Brian is also an inspired Special Effects makeup artist, Production Designer,Property Master,Moldmaker, Lab Technician and Set Dresser. He brings his passion and experience to every job, mentoring and managing varied departments. This ability to organize and rally a team is essential to quality productions, and meeting strict deadlines.

If you are interested in engaging Brian's services, use the contact info on this page to get in touch!

PLEASE NOTE: Some of the images in the galleries on this site depict graphic violence and nudity (even though it's all fake). If that sort of thing offends you, best to stop looking now!

Film & Television Credits

Batman Returns

Stephen King's "Night Flier"


Nightman (TV)

Xena (TV)

Perversions of Science

Very Bad Things

John Carpenters "Vampires"

X-Files Movie

Talos: The Mummy



The Wishmaster

From Dusk till Dawn 3: Hangmans Daughter

End of Days

The Green Mile

Super Adventure Team (TV)

13th Warrior

From Dusk till Dawn 2: Texas Blood Money


Detroit Rock City

The Faculty

The Cell

Nude Vampires

Tobe Hoopers " Crocodile"

Seconds Apart

I Am Number Four

Avengers-Marvel Studios

The Haunting



House on Haunted Hill


Addams Family Values / Music video

Skinny Puppy / Music video

Sleep Disorder

The Rage

Living Hell

Wanted Undead or Alive

Buried Alive

Hallowed Ground

Little Red Devil

The Dead Matter

Frank Miller's "Spirit"

Born of Earth


Chidren of The Corn (Remake)

Battle Los Angeles

Rawan /Ra One

Dave's Story


Hostel 3

Scar 23

Arbor Day


Boot Tracks

I, Alex Cross

Music Video Credits

  • 1200
  • Save Us
  • Damage Done
  • Embrace The Ending
  • Come On
  • Transformation Within Fictional Mutation
D.E.D. Beat
  • The Devil's Symphony

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